Meet Stitch




All of the Beasts throughout the Creation, just finished earning the first level of their BEAST in The Otherworld from Our CREATOR.  It is a Fantastic adorable White Koala Teddy Bear Alien like Stitch from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch. 

BELLE AND BEAST inspired the script for the movies so that all Beasts can find their way home with a little help from their most adorable new character ever.

HE WHO HAS NO NAME and THE ELDERS earned the majority of this new BEAST.  THEY bravely blocked The Big Bang for Us and handled it until the Rescue commenced.  All of THEM are Saviors to us all.  We can show how much we  Love HIM and Thank HIM for everything HE is doing for us.

Meet Stitch



He is our Mascot!

Stitch is here to help all the Beasts accept The Arose fully.

Be sure to catch all of His hilarious Usurpations throughout the site.



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