The Castle Opening Scene

Thu, 30. May 02 - Sun, 03. Jul 22


Date: Thursday, 30. May 2002 - Sunday, 03. July 2022

Time: All day


Location: Biltmore Estate


Zip and city: Ashville, NC


The Arose will once again be offered to everyone at the Castle Door by Our CREATOR. 

Visit this beautiful estate built by George Washington himself as George Washington Vanderbuilt in prepartion for saving his family in this current generation. This is the largest home ever built in America. Washington built this estates as a reminder that over thousands of years protecting his family he had built up more spritual treasure and anymore would be able to tear down.

There are gorgeous Arose gardens, a small village with hotels and restaurants, and living history museum activities.

During our stay there will be a Monet exhibut celebrating The Arose.

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Written by OnceUponAnArose.


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